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Remove Pet Odors from Your Sonoma, Marin & Napa Carpets

For almost two decades, Sonoma County Carpet Care has been helping remove pet odors from residential and commercial carpets all across Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties – including Santa Rosa, California. We offer two different services to get rid of those pesky, offensive pet odors – our Light Pet Odor Treatment and our Strong Pet Odor Treatment. You can get all the details about our service – including a free estimate – when you call Sonoma County Carpet Care today!

Get all the important details about our pet odor removal service – including any requirements prior to arrival – by calling (707) 527-0506 today!

Light Pet Odor Treatment

The Light Pet Odor Treatment from Sonoma County Carpet Care is intended for those situations where the pet odor is light. Most often, this is due to the odors having not yet permeated the carpet and infected the pad underneath. These types of odors can be treated with an industry-leading topical treatment which works to eliminate the offending odors by absorbing them. While this treatment is oftentimes effective, it cannot tackle the odors once they’ve made their way deep into the pad. That type of odor requires our Strong Pet Odor Treatment to remove it forever.

Strong Pet Odor Treatment

When you have a serious pet odor problem in your home or business you can count on Sonoma County Carpet Care to get rid of the offending odor with our Strong Pet Odor Treatment. This service is guaranteed to remove the odors due to our in-depth cleaning process. We begin by pulling back the carpeting to cut away any contaminated padding, replacing it with new padding, and reinstalling the carpet before cleaning. Our highly-trained technicians will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have about the effectiveness of our Strong Pet Odor Treatment when you call for your free estimate!

How Does Our Pet Odor Removal Process Work?

Deep Cleaning
We use industry-leading products and equipment to thoroughly clean the carpet to help loosen particulates and soak the odor-laden fibers.
Topical Treatment
A proven, non-toxic topical treatment is applied to the affected areas to begin nullifying the offending odors deep inside the carpet fibers.
Water Extraction
We use extremely hot water, over 180°, to flush the topical treatment out of the carpet and rinse away any deep-down residue and odors.

If you’re in Santa Rosa, California – or anywhere else in Sonoma, Marin, or Napa Counties – and you’re suffering with carpet pet odor problems call the experts at Sonoma County Carpet Care at (707) 527-0506. Our technicians will provide you with a free estimate for either of our pet odor treatments and recommend any additional services you may require – like professional upholstery cleaning. There’s nothing to lose but the offensive odors, so make the call right away!

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