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Upholstery Cleaning for Home or Automobile

With 20 years of experience cleaning many different types of fabrics and materials, including the removal of pet odors, we can usually at a glance determine the best cleaning procedure and right products for most pieces of upholstery. If necessary we can also test to determine the type and color fastness of the fabric. We also have a more delicate process for cleaning some of the more fine fabric upholstered furniture.

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On most synthetic fabrics we start out applying a mild upholstery cleaning pre-spray. Then brush in the pre-spray paying special attention to heavily soiled areas such as corners or the areas where pets have rubbed up against your sofas, love seats or chairs, which they sometimes do. After that we hot water extract the whole piece of furniture, which most people call steam cleaning, including all cushions and the back with a rinsing agent that leaves the fabric free of any sticky soapy feeling. The temperature of the water is approximately 200 degrees helping clean away oils and dirt from the upholstered piece of furniture.

There are a great many benefits to Sonoma County Carpet Care’s upholstery cleaning service – including making sure businesses such as restaurants provide their customers with a clean dining environment.

Benefits of upholstery cleaning for home, business or automobile:
  • Promotes a clean, consistent upholstery appearance.
  • Restores a fresh, healthy feel to your upholster.
  • Reduces the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and mold.
  • Removes tough spots and stains from the upholstery material.
  • Helps extend the lifespan of the upholstery in your business, home or car.

For the more delicate fabrics such as certain cottons, wools, silks or rayons we have a dry foam process. The dry foam process entails cleaning with the foam only from a dry foam cleaning solution applied with a natural sponge. After that we do a complete dry extraction to remove all soil and foam leaving a dry and clean fabric. This process uses minimal moisture and is a safe and thorough way to clean some delicate fabrics.

For a longer lasting clean we also offer spot, soil and stain resisters for your upholstery. Water or solvent based protectors offered dependent on the fabric on the upholstery.

We know that sometimes auto upholstery can really take a beating and become very soiled. Well we can clean that along with the carpets in your car, truck or recreational vehicle.

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Upholstery cleaning for home or car in Santa Rosa, CA.
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