Sonoma County Carpet Care – Privacy Policy

At Sonoma County Carpet Care, we’re committed to doing all we can to safeguard your privacy and that of all users who visit our website at Through our website, we collect personal information online to make sure everyone who visits our site has the most personalized experience possible. By allowing this information to be shared with us, you give us the opportunity to provide you with the most accurate and complete information we can to make your visit informative, efficient, and customized.

You Can Say No

Our information collection is not mandatory. Users can visit our site without disclosing any personal information whatsoever. Information collection on our site is only undertaken when a user signs up for regular communication or completes one of our contact forms. This information is not sold, rented, or otherwise shared with any third party unless state or federal law dictates we do so. Sonoma County Carpet Care reserves the right to disclose information upon governmental requests within the law, to protect ourselves and others from harm, and to operate our own systems properly. To discontinue receiving information from Sonoma County Carpet Care all you need to do to opt out of all future communications is emailing with the subject line “Opt Out”.

IP Address Collection

Sonoma County Carpet Care collects IP address information of users who visit our site for purposes of system administration and tracking. These IP addresses are automatically logged by our server without any personal identifiable data of any kind.

Cookies Play A Role

Visitors to have a cookie placed on their computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is just information uploaded to the device for recordkeeping purposes. The record stores certain information on the device so that the next time the user visits much of the information needed to properly load the page is already present in the record. This makes browsing much faster in every possible way.

So, a cookie from is actually just information stored on a computer which makes web browsing of a particular site far more efficient and smooth for the user. Without these cookies, every field needed to access certain elements of websites would have to be filled in every time a visitor came to a site and we all know how login screens make us feel. Cookies are good things, not bad. And, Sonoma County Carpet Care will never share cookie data with third parties.

Analytics Data Collection

Sonoma County Carpet Care does collect some data about your computer or other internet-capable device when you visit This data, like your IP address, is used for system administration and internal reporting by our IT department. This data is specific to browsing patterns and online activity and contains absolutely no personally identifiable information of any kind.

We use Google Analytics on our website at This web data tool shows us the ways visitors interact with our site so that we can make improvements where we’ve seen users have difficulty. This is how we continually strive to provide users with an even better experience when they visit our site. The data collected is all aimed at making our site as user-friendly as we possibly can.

Google Analytics uses what’s known as first-party cookies to track visitors when they’re on our site. These cookies store information about time of visit, whether the visitor is a return user or brand new, and how the user found our site in the first place. This data is then used to help us formulate new strategies for our website and improve the experience of all users who visit in the future. The data is collected anonymously and reported without identifiable markers of any kind whatsoever, but if you’re uncomfortable with tracking you can opt out of analytics across websites by using this link

Digital Advertising

Sonoma County Carpet Care uses cookies in partnership with select vendors like Google and Bing in delivery of our display advertisements when users visit certain other online websites. These advertising campaigns don’t use any identifiable information about specific individuals, but if this type of advertising makes you uncomfortable you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt Out Page at the link provided here


By using our website you’re considered to be in acceptance with the terms laid out in this privacy policy. Sonoma County Carpet Care reserves the right, at our own discretion, to change, remove, modify, or add to this privacy policy at any time. It’s the responsibility of the user to check this privacy policy from time to time to ensure complete familiarity with the terms described herein. Continued use of is considered to be acceptance of the terms of this policy.